Monday, December 21, 2009

Star Trek

We missed the new "Star Trek" movie when it came out, so I ordered the DVD along with the latest Harry Potter. We watched it recently.

I remember the first S.T. movie many years ago. It was just boring, a lot of time spent going around the Enterprise showing detail which was just strange; it was like we don't have much of a script so let's show a (model) ship.

One thing that made the old S.T. series was that it always had a moral & likable characters. Of course it was made while my wife & I were in college so many of the special effects were not very good compared to ones available now.

Back to the movie, I found it great fun. It is sort of a prequel to the TV series. It explains how Spock & Kirk & Scotty & Uhuru & Sulu & Checkov & Bones all got together. It is a good guy v. bad guy (tho we see the motivation of the bad guys); it has action & some humor; so it was a good reflection of the the original TV show that we first saw & liked!

"Random chance seems to have operated in our favor" -- Spock
"In plain, non-Vulcan English, we've been lucky" -- McCoy
"I believe I said that, Doctor" -- Spock (The Doomsday Machine)

"Is there anyone on this ship, who even remotely, looks like Satan?" -- Kirk

"I am not aware of anyone who fits that description, Captain" -- Spock
"No, Mr. Spock, I didn't think you would be" -- Kirk (The Apple)

"Does everyone know about this grain but me?" -- Kirk

"Not everyone, Kepten, it's a Russian inwention." -- Checkov (The Trouble With Tribbles)

"Emotional, isn't she?" -- Spock

"She has always been so." -- Sarek
"Indeed. Why did you marry her?" -- Spock
"It seemed the logical thing to do at the time." -- Sarek (Journey To Babel)

"I signed aboard this ship to practice medicine, not to have my atoms scattered back and forth across space by this gadget." -- McCoy

"Just before they went into warp, I beamed the whole kit and kaboodle into their engine room, where they'll be no tribble at all." -- Scotty, explaining how he got rid of the tribbles (The Trouble With Tribbles)

"Mr. Spock, the women on your planet are logical. That's the only planet in the galaxy that can make that claim." -- Kirk (Elaan of Troyius)

(Final) frontier (n) a line or border separating two countries. • the district near such a line. • the extreme limit of settled land beyond which lies wilderness • the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French frontiere, based on Latin frons, front- ‘front.’

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