Friday, July 2, 2010

Facebook, Soccer Coaches 2, Chain

My lovely wife has signed up for Facebook.  She has invited various people to be her "friends" and I think everyone so far has accepted.  But she received an email that 7 women and 10 men were searching for her. There were some with pictures but others had the shadowy outlines.  I think that it is creepy that people are searching for "her", of course, for only a "small" monthly fee (with super premium to el cheapo levels) she could see who these people were!

For those of you who forget *** means a new subject.

I have been watching the World Cup and watching the coaches,  they wouldn't survive in youth soccer; they just sit there glancing into the ether.  Numerous times I have wanted to help the players on the field with my useful commentary but I refrained since they wouldn't listen anyhow!
After bicycling to the YMCA to bring my lovely wife her Y bag or actually as I was on the Y driveway, I heard a bad noise and my pedaling had no effect.  My chain broke!  It was at the furthest distance I was going to be from my house.  5 or 5.5 miles away, and I very dark cloud appeared.  So I got to walk home pushing my bike, plus sometime during the trip I lost my chain!

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