Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Poor CA

It used to be that people came to the US for medical treatment, now Obamacare is leading to this!

Back to CA:

Poor California not only are they one of the most bankrupt states (http://www.usdebtclock.org/state-debt-clocks/state-of-california-debt-clock.html) with some cities declaring bankruptcy (San Bernardino, Calif., is the latest municipality to seek bankruptcy protection for its $45 million budget shortfall, following Mammoth Lakes and Stockton, which was the largest U.S city to ever go bust. Bankruptcy filings by these three California cities have raised questions about the scope of budget issues on the local level and whether there will be more. http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/three-california-cities-bankrupt-tip-iceberg-says-fmr-155121281.html )

But I was listening to the radio a few weeks ago and heard that "bitter cold" with highs only in the 50'sF and lows in the 30'sF was striking CA.  It was intersting to me since at the time we were having a hot streak with the High almost 50F and lows in the low 30'sF.

Since that time, we have have -5F temperatures with high almost reaching 10F, my daughter's temperatures have been as low as  -12F (that I have seen maybe it was lower at times).

So poor, poor CA, we must have pity on them!

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  1. I think the lowest I saw last week was -15. The more important number, I think, is the number of days in a row our temp did not go over 0. I think this latest stretch was 4.