Monday, February 4, 2013

Sneaky Ground Hog Day

This year Ground Hog Day sneaked up on me.  The only way we knew was because my LW heard on the radio the day before.  Every Ground Hog Day, we watch the movie "Ground Hog Day" with Bill Murray.

We like the story of a selfish man learning that only by helping others can he be truly happy.

The movie's premise is that 1 day (Ground Hog Day) in the life of a Weatherman covering the famous Ground Hog P Phil is played over and over.  He finds that the day has no consequences and tries to get in bed with his female producer by learning more and more each "day" to make himself her ideal.

Of course it doesn't work and he decides to eventually (after trying to kill himself numerous times) to try to help others.

It is my understanding that it was actually filmed a few miles west of us.

A fun movie, you should try it if you want a happy movie to watch.  It is not very deep and goes as you would figure, but who needs anything else?

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