Friday, May 8, 2009

Shampoo Rinse Shampoo

According to the shampoo bottles the proper procedure is to Shampoo then Rinse then Shampoo again.  This works out well for the shampoo manufacturers since twice as much shampoo is used; however, according to a leading consumer product tester there is no benefit to do it that way.

Many ways the things that P.O. says have no benefit for the average non-union, non-abortionist, non-ACORN, etc. person.  He has threatened to use the force of the mainstream media to force various secured creditors of GM & Chrysler to agree to a deal which will give the union a much larger stake in the auto makers than the secured creditors.  One of the reasons that the big 3 auto makers are in such bad shape is the ridiculous work rules & pensions & health care that the automakers stupidly agreed to.  How can a car maker change the contracts with the union owning 40% & the super pro-union government 50%?

Of course, it doesn't have to make sense if :The One" says it.  Sorry Grandkids that we are leaving you all this debt & socialist policies because many of us (not me or Grandma) voted for "The One."

shampoo (n) a liquid preparation containing detergent or soap for washing the hair • a similar substance for cleaning a carpet, soft furnishings, or a car • an act of washing or cleaning something, esp. 
ORIGIN mid 18th cent. (in the sense [massage (as part of a Turkish bath process)] ): from Hindi cāṃpo! ‘press!,’ imperative of cāṃpnā.

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