Sunday, October 14, 2012

Couple of THOSE kind of Days

A week ago last Friday was one of those kind of days.

I bicycled into the Y (we had just found out our YMCA was closing due to some embezzlement  of funds) and there was a skunk in the middle of the road (this was around 0430).  This is not a circumstance that one wants in the early morning while riding a bike.  I used my whistle defense (when I see creatures that I want to avoid I whistle to alert them) and fortunately it went the other way.

Next there was a runner on the bike path with no reflective vest or light.  I missed him, I guess he saw my light and went to the other side of the path.

When I came home my LW was walking down our road, I thought that this was strange.  She couldn't find the cell phone and went to the car to see if it was there.  Unfortunately she locked the door of the house and was locked out (our ungrateful dog did not unlock the door for her, what was he thinking?).  I was able to let her in.

However, the lost cell phone was a problem.  We add minutes to our cell phone once a year and the time to do that was that day.  I didn't want to add the minutes for the person who found it.  We originally bought the cell phone when our daughter was expecting her 3rd child, so that we could go watch the other kids when she and her husband went to have the baby.  We only use it for emergencies or when contacting someone when we will be home, so we don't use it much.  If we miss the addition we lose all of our minutes, so it was fortunate that eventually she found it and I was able to renew us for another year.

The next day, I decided to finally replace the kitchen faucet.  I had bought a new one a couple of weeks before, but kept putting off actually replacing the old one.  The old one no longer wanted to turn, fortunately it had a pull out spout so we could still sort of use it.

Whenever, you replace a faucet it has to be down underneath the sink.  So it is very uncomfortable lying down on the wooden slatts of the cupboard beneath the sink.  But eventually I everything hooked up except the plastic tube connecting the pull out spout.

It said to loosen the nut at the top 2 turns and insert the tube in 2.5 cm.  Well I couldn't get it that far, so I loosened it all the way so I could get it in the required amount.  Unfortunately, I couldn't refasten it.  So after trying for what seemed like an hour (my LW cleverly went on a dog walk, since she knows that me and mechanical things are not friends).  I cut the plastic tube (after trying a pipe cutter [not work], hack saw [not work],  another saw [not work]) with a metal cutting shears.  Then I loosened it 2 turns and inserted as far as I could get it to go and then tried the faucet (against all odds) it worked and I got the cold and hot lines right too!

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