Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sports over People

I am tired of sports teams getting public money and buying off politicians.  The Supreme Court in the New Hampshire land grap in 2005.  There are more important things to spend money on than on Sports.  Below is a (old) reaction to the ridiculous court ruling.

East Coast activists want to build the 'Lost Liberty Inn' on the property of U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter. The measure is on the March 14 ballot in the small town of Weare NH, where Souter resides. This Sunday activists staged rally in Weare to 'turn the eminent domain tables' on Souter.
One of the more amusing stories making the rounds is how a little known activist group is trying to "turn the tables" on a Supreme Court Justice who corruptly ruled on extending government's power to take away private land under eminent domain.
U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter is getting a "taste of his own medicine" from a New Hampshire group called the Committee for the Preservation of Natural Rights and another California human rights group, both trying to make a loud public statement by getting Souter's home in the small town of Weare, New Hampshire, seized under eminent domain.
Both activist groups have been angered and are leading the charge against a recent high court ruling, making it virtually "a walk in the park" for local, state and federal entities tt to seize people's homes and property for economic development under what has become a watered down version of the eminent domain laws.  http://rense.com/general69/souter.htm

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