Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fat and Uniforms

There’s a bit of a problem with the NFL’s new Nike uniforms. It seems that, in some of the larger sizes, the uniforms are unflattering. And they’re downright revealing when subjected to massive amounts of sweat.
“I hate them. They are built for thin guys,” Alex Boone, the San Francisco 49ers’ 300-pound starting guard, told the Wall Street Journal’s Kevin Clark. “It makes me look like I have big old love handles.
In April, the league switched to Nike uniforms, which boast what it says is a “body-contoured fit.” Some bodies, it turns out, really shouldn’t be contoured.
“‘It looks like you ate a small baby,’” Boone said his wife told him when she saw him in the new jersey.
In Nike’s defense, the uniforms look just fine on the more chiseled players and the relentlessly buff LaRon Landry. And there’s a competitive reason for jerseys that are form-fitting: there’s less material for offensive linemen to grab onto, not that offensive linemen ever are guilty of holding. The problem is that the NFL is a league filled with 300-pounders.
“We have 40 years of experience in the football business and the idea in our products is for optimal performance and we work with the athletes to find fit and function,” a Nike spokesman told the WSJ. “The uniforms are available in a variety of sizes and cuts for different players with enhanced performance in mind.”

Just a fun article on sports!  You have to be very large to be an NFL lineman and to be over 300# and a reasonable height there tends to be a bit of fat.

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