Saturday, November 10, 2012

Political Ads

We DVR TV shows and watch them usually on Fridays.  A lot of the shows we watch are Monday shows.

So this past Friday, we watched three shows that originally were broadcast on the Monday before the election.

As you can guess there were a lot of political ads during those shows.  Everyone of them were negative, showing why we should NOT vote for their opponent.  Since IL is a very Obama state there were no Presidential ads, but were ads for various House of Reps seats.

I would have thought at least one of them would be positive, but there were none.

We received a lot of campaign literature (exactly none of them could really be considered literature). Everyone of them also were reasons to not vote for the opponents.

I think that a reason to vote for someone would be better at convincing voters then what was used.  But I could be wrong since there are people elected to all the positions!

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