Monday, November 12, 2012


Last night, I was listening to the Bears/Texans game on the radio.

In my opinion, the Bears' sportscasters are awful.

On one play, the play by play guy said that the Texans had intercepted the pass.  At no time did he say where it was intercepted.  Remember on the radio the only way we know the yard line is if they tell us.

Then he would say a good gain, no amount or down and yardage to go.

The color guy is an ex-Bear, who does not know how to shut up.  Much of what he says is very technical on the blocking (he is an ex-ProBowl Tackle) and is interesting.  He yells "BALL" when there is a fumble and certainly wakes up the dead or sleeping.

On every play, the Bears were interfered with or held or had a personal foul toward them.  A little homer is OK but they are too much.

The old Bears' play by play guy now calls the game for the GB Packers and he was and is excellent.

I much prefer the national radio guys over the Bears' announcers.

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