Saturday, May 5, 2012


I can make quick decisions.  Many of my jobs required a quick decision especially in the military.

Unfortunately, not all of my decisions are correct.  My LW takes more time to make decisions, but she is almost always right.

One of my many faults is wanting others to make the decision right now!  I know I should not be frustrated but that doesn't help.  So often, I just go ahead and make the decision without input.  This is really not a good way to act!

What bought this on was my daughter's blog entry Making Choices and thinking on the dog walk about how I am not like that!


I bought some gas on Thursday (the day prices went up about $.30/gal).  I read that gas prices (per barrel) have decreased to less than $100/barrel; so it looks like my control is back yet again!


New unemployment claims were up over 200,000 this past week and new jobs were 115000, but the unemployment rate decreased 0.1% to 8.1%.  It looks like PO is reducing the unemployment rate by getting people out of the job market instead of policies that increase employment.

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