Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kids Play

Yesterday when I was putting up the banners (it is Pentecost on Sunday) at our Church, Little Bear (a Christian preschool housed at Trinity United Lutheran Church) was practicing for the school graduation program.

This got me to thinking about when I got to watch our kids perform.  It is a great feeling to watch your kids (or grandkids) do something.

My daughter was (and is) very talented at singing.  She starred in A Birthday Party and other plays when she was younger and was brilliant.  Fortunately, she gets her vocal skills from her mother (my LW).

Most Saturdays, we got to watch my son play soccer,  He was often (IMHO) the best player on the field.

I miss those days when we got to be proud parents of the stars.  Of course, now we have grandkids, which is great too!

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