Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Since I am trying to sing in Swedish, I love Google Translate.  You can put Swedish into it and have it translate to English (or Polish if you wish).  Then you can have it speak it to you!

This is great for us language challenged people.  So when I noticed that Blogger has a translate gadget, I added it to my blog.  Just think of the joy it can bring to people to see my blog in Swedish or Spanish or any of the 50 languages that are available!

Think of the millions of poor people who wanted to read my brillant thoughts but who were not able to due to the English language.  Of course, I hope that they can read the Translate label or at least figure it out!

I sure like google's products.  They have google drive which works on my mac even though most other cloud types need the next operating system (10.7 I'm running 10.6 right now).

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