Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We are coming out of the Mother's Day holiday season.  Every store had "gifts for mom" and ideas for under $500, etc..

I saw some of the first ads for Father's Day!  It's not like Father's Day is a real holiday.  Everyone (well most people anyway) celebrate Mother's Day.  Which only right, since as Bill Cosby's mother used to say "I bought you into this world boy (and I can take you out)."  (For some classic Cosby on parents http://youtu.be/anNR5YU98OQ).

It is interesting the "gifts" available for the 2 "holidays."  Mother's Day is flowers and candy and jewelry and iPads.  For Father's Day, it is gardening equipment and shaving gear and GPS's (since we refuse to ask for directions) and auto stuff.  So we look lousy, need to cut the grass, can't find our way out of a paper bag, and need to make the car look nice for the LW's.

Some Dads like candy at least!

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