Thursday, March 5, 2009


When do we panic?  Is panic good?

We have been trying to maintain our investments hoping for better things to come.  But today the stock market is down another 260 points (DJIA).

I knew when Obama was elected that we (the nation) would be in trouble financially but I didn't think it would be this bad.  If I had panicked then & sold everything that would go down I wouldn't have lost an additional 15%.

The worst part is that of our children & grandkids who will have to pay for all Obama is proposing (no they are not rich).  When Trade & Cap comes in; most everything will increase in price (used to limit CO2 gases).  When China wants higher interest rates the deficit will increase.

PANDEMONIUM, (n0 Literally, the Place of All the Demons. Most of them have escaped into politics and finance, and the place is now used as a lecture hall by the Audible Reformer. When disturbed by his voice the ancient echoes clamor appropriate responses most gratifying to his pride of distinction.

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  1. Don't panic. Pretty soon, you will probably get some sort of assistance from the Federal Government and everything will be ok.
    Don't worry about your kids paying off the debt. I'm sure we will just pass it on to your grandkids.