Monday, December 15, 2008

Book of Daniel

The Bible Book of Daniel is a great book.  I'm surprised a movie hasn't been made about it.  In the first chapter Dan (for short) is taken from Israel & trained up to be a Babylonian bureaucrat, he won't eat the unclean meat & wine from his rulers and strikes a deal that let him & his buddies try a vegetarian diet and see who is fitter.  Turns out Dan & Friends are.

Chapter 2 has Nebuchadnezzar threatening to kill all his wise men (including Dan & Friends) if they don't tell him his dream AND its meaning.  Dan does it with God's help.

Chap 3 we meet Dan's friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego (which are their Babylonian names, Dan's was Belteshazzar, the others were Hananiah Shadrach, to Mishael Meshach and to Azariah Abed-nego) who don't bow to the Golden statue & end up in the fire (literally), a neat thing some of poor soldiers who put them in were killed by the fire.  They survived with God's help.

Chap 4 has another dream & a mad Nebuchadnezzar, Chap 5 has the "writing on the wall". Chap 6 is the famous Lion's Den.  Chapters 7-12 have to do with various visions, much of John's Revelation is previewed in Daniel.

I guess too much God for Hollywood, I remember all the great religious movies of my youth like 10 Commandments, Samson & Delilah,etc. I guess remaking old movies not as well is their speed.

But if you get a chance read or reread Daniel. Between Ezekiel & Hosea in the Bible about 3/4 of the way thru the Old Testament.

ve·he·ment (adj) acting or moving with great force; violent; impetuous having or characterized by intense feeling or strong passion; fervent, impassioned, etc.

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