Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Joy

I have noticed my posts have not been as positive as my actual life is!

Today, Frisbit, my wife & I went for a walk in the snow. We had about 2-3" & it was still coming down, our street had not been plowed yet. It is so pretty when it snows and everything is covered by a white coat. My wife & I love the snow. When we got home there was snow all over us; Frisbit everywhere, Mary on her coat, hair, slacks, boots, me the same plus some in my beard.

Christmas is a season for rejoicing, the birth of our Savior. I have a beautiful, intelligent wife; 2 grown children who are healthy & smart with wonderful spouses, a son in Heaven, plus 5 grandsons who are bright & healthy & active. My life has been truly blessed.

blessed(adj) 1 a: held in reverence b: honored in worship 2: of or enjoying happiness ; specifically : enjoying the bliss of heaven 3: bringing pleasure, contentment, or good fortune

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