Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dog Walk Thoughts

I was trying to get Frisbit (our dog, his picture above is many years ago, he is over 11 years old now) to understand cause & effect.  He would go into the snow and get snow in his paws which caused him to limp, I would then clean his paw and he would stop limping.  I explained to him that if he stayed on the road or sidewalk he wouldn't get more snow in his paws & start limping.  He would look at me & then go into the deep snow and we would start all over again!

We walked in a new sub-division this morning, with expensive houses (to me at least, $250-350K when first bought).  I am cheap.  I always tried to spend less than we made.  Our kids did not have all the trinkets of their friends  but they did have money for college.  We bought a house we could afford, our cars lasted usually 10-12 years, our present car is 9 yrs. old.  So when I see all the bailouts, that are mainly due to spending more than you have or buying things you can't afford, I get upset  

 During the dog walk (in my coat, sweatshirt, knit cap, gloves & boots) I saw a young teenager in a hoodie, no coat, no gloves waiting for the school bus.  It seems colder now than when we were kids, we grew up in MI so the temperatures are basically the same.  We (men mainly retired) were talking in the YMCA locker room the other morning that as kids we were never too cold, we had snowball fights, sledding, ice skating, etc. but now we complain all the time about the cold. 

cheap (adj) deserving of scorn; contemptible made cheap by their own behavior
INFORMAL stingy; niggardly

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