Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Misc Thoughts

Reading my kids' blogs, I see these long coherent paragraphs well thought out with an elegant writing style, then I reread mine! It is good to have kids eclipse their parents (actually just their dad, there mother is also brilliant like them).

We hooked up the digital to analog converter today to see if it worked (we are dinosaurs without cable [or air conditioning either]). And behold there are extra channels out there hidden from mere mortals! One problem with digital reception using an outdoor antenna is the crazy mosaic that occurs every once in a while. I pointed this out to my wife on a picture at WalMart, she remarked about why the government thinks this is better.

My spelling is getting worse & wosre! Thank goodness for the computer spell checking (of course the numerous internet humorous letters which get past spell checking do give one pause). Just think how intelligible my ravings would be; I just type close to the spelling & it gets underlined in red, a little cntl-click or correct button on the mouse & there are options that many times include the correct spelling (some examples from above include "intelligible" & "brilliant"). I wonder if my GrandKids will even have to learn to spell!

mis·cel·la·ne·ous (adj) : consisting or formed of various kinds; varied; mixed a box of miscellaneous candies; having various qualities, abilities, etc.; many-sided

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  1. I wouldn't necessarily expect coherent from a blog with "ravings" in the title.
    And as it now stands, it looks like at least your oldest grandson is not ever going to learn how to spell...