Friday, December 26, 2008

Vote Fraud

I'm glad Obama won by as much as he did. There is a democratic organization ACORN (I know it claims to be non-partisan),which committed numerous illegal/questionable activities; registering dead people, using the phone book to register names, signed up people more than once and even paid off registrants, using phony addresses, etc. I was worried that Obama might steal the election, but he did not.

In WA (last election), the GOP candidate for governor won & won the first 2 recounts, but after the 3rd which put the DEM ahead the counting stopped. There were numerous ballets that mysteriously showed up showing the DEM was the vote getter. The WA governor is the one that put the atheist display near the Christian one at the state capital.

In MN, the same sort of dirty tricks are putting the DEM candidate AL Franken ahead by a few dozen votes. The GOP candidate won by a few thousand votes election day but now the mysterious votes are showing up again.

I don't know if GOP are just not as dirty or not as dedicated. I do tend to read/visit conservative blogs/sites so don't know of the GOP dirty tricks if any.

One thing that makes this country great is the free & above board elections. People might make ridiculous (according to me the final arbitrator) choices but at least then we get what we deserve.

fraud (n) : deceit; trickery; cheating; Law intentional deception to cause a person to give up property or some lawful right; something said or done to deceive; trick; artifice; a person who deceives or who is not what he or she pretends to be; impostor; cheat

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