Monday, February 16, 2009

Old Folks Homes

One of the ads that really irritates me is the lawyers who sue the Nursing Homes.

They tell you to look for possible signs of abuse like bed sores, death, etc..  Then you can sue to get what you deserve.

If only you are lucky enough to have a old loved one who is abused you can get rich (what you obviously deserve).  So the message is to find a bad Nursing Home for your Father, Mother or Grandparent; if they die you get the JACKPOT!

sue (v) 1 [ trans. ] institute legal proceedings against (a person or institution), typically for redress : she is to sue the baby's father | [ intrans. ] I sued for breach of contract.
2 [ intrans. ] formal appeal formally to a person for something : the rebels were forced to sue for peace.

abuse (v) 1 use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse : the judge abused his power by imposing the fines. • make excessive and habitual use of (alcohol or drugs, esp. illegal ones). 2 treat (a person or an animal) with cruelty or violence, esp. regularly or repeatedly : riders who abuse their horses should be prosecuted. • assault (someone, esp. a woman or child) sexually : he was a depraved man who had abused his two young daughters.

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