Thursday, January 12, 2012


A pastor, we had, said "The Neverending Story" was one of his favorite movies of all time.  I found it boring and a little frightening.  Many people like movies that are meaningful and full of symbolism, great acting and beautiful sets, etc.; but I'm afraid the movies I like have few of those things.

Some of my recent favorites are R.E.D. ,  Knight & Day, Star Trek and The Incredibles.  Pretty much I watch movies to escape; to experience a little humor & some action & not any R rated "love."

Another irritating thing is when they make a repeat of a old classic, almost always the newer version is not as good; it usually has more sex and less plot.  I would think that someone in hollywood could have a new idea (perhaps the definition of an oxymoron - hollywood & thought).

Sequels are sometimes OK, for instance the second Star Trek movie was much better than the first.  And yet they don't make sequels of some good movies like the latest Star Trek movie which is ripe for a sequel.

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