Monday, January 23, 2012

New Car II

Since we had our old car for 12 years; we knew how to work everything in it.

But with our new car, we are learning all the "advantages" of a modern car.

Our new car does not allow you to lock the car with the key fob still in it and the car off.  This morning we left my wife's fanny pack in the car, we tried to re-closing all the doors and the hatchback.  I tried to lock it using the car handle, using the lock inside the car; but all we got was a nasty whiny sound and the doors would not lock.  Eventually, my LW noticed a message saying a key was still in the car and she noticed the fanny pack and we were "allowed" to lock the car.

When my LW came back from a meeting at Church; the rear windshield wiper was still on.  We tried looking in the 600+ page manual for some help but we too busy to figure it out.  The windshield wiper stem when moved down or up controls the front windshield wiper, but the rear is controlled by a rotating knob on the stem.  Eventually, we figured it out.

Our car beeps at us!  When we lock the doors from the outside with the outside handle and when we use the key fob to lock the doors or unlock them, sometimes it is a beep, other times 2 beeps or the whiny when we have done something wrong (like the rear door seat belt caught in the doorway another adventure)!  To unlock all the doors, we have to push the Unlock button on the fob twice, once only unlocks the driver's door.

Our key fob is a smart key, so to start the car, we don't put the key in the car but just have to have the fob with us.  To start we must have the brake pedal pushed and push the Start button, to go into Drive or Reverse from park we have to have our foot on the brake.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure we are as smart as the key!  Also, our car says hello to us when we pass close to it with the fob on us (the lights go on inside the car)!

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