Friday, January 6, 2012

New Car continued

I have decided to give my old car to C.O.O.L.  (Christian Outreach of Lutherans), which is where I gave our last one (12 years ago).

In general, I like to buy American cars, but the only hybrid other than the Prius that I would consider is the Ford Fusion.  The Ford costs about $5000 more and doesn't get as good mileage,

I refuse to consider buying a GM (Obama Motors) car.  Other then the Chevy Volt burning down garages and houses (link,  link2); we lost a lot of money when Obama gave the company to the Government and the Labor Unions (who were instrumental in causing the trouble)  and I will not support any company that  was bailed out.

Chrysler is owned by a foreign company and bailed out.

And Japan was ravaged by the weather and came back without any help from our government.  So buying a Toyota helps those who help themselves.

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