Saturday, February 4, 2012

Glass Half Full

Though I complain about the warm weather this winter, there are some advantages.

We tend to go to the Y early in the morning (before the sun rises), and in a regular winter, we (that is me) have to scrape off the frost before we leave; but this winter the car windows have been clear.

Some winters with a lot of snow I hurt my back if I shovel the snow incorrectly; but this winter there has been so little snow my back is fine.

Recently, my hands have been getting cold on the long dog walks early in the morning when it is cold out; but this winter it is usually above freezing so my gloves work better.  One problem is that I have to take off my gloves to pick up Frisbit's production, so warmer weather does not allow them (the hands) to get so cold.

New car part 3:

We have been getting a fairly high mileage this fill up.  The car has a simultaneous mpg meter and a running total mpg for the trip odometer.  Right now it claims we are getting over 48.8 mpg.

I heard that a woman sued Honda for not getting 50 mpg on her Honda Civic hybrid.  She "only" got 42 mpg.  The above article said :

Peters opted out of a series of class-action lawsuits filed on behalf of similar Honda hybrid owners when she saw a proposed settlement would give owners no more than $200 cash and a rebate of $500 or $1,000 to purchase a new Honda.

The settlement would give trial lawyers $8.5 million, Peters said.

On another subject: The only people who win in class action suits are the lawyers.

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