Saturday, February 25, 2012


MADNESS AFTER GIRL, 4, DRAWS GUN PIC AT SCHOOL is a link showing the paranoid behavior that some people have over guns.

Another story was Student suspended for sketching gun. (here is a copy of the gun picture).

In March 2000, four kindergarten boys at an elementary school in northern New Jersey were suspended for three days after playing cops and robbers, using their fingers as guns, according to previous news reports.  (I would have been suspended, does cowboys & indians count.)

Of course, these incidents are in reaction to the Columbine shooting.  Great tragedy can bring about overreaction.  I was bought up in a different era when boys played with toy guns (including ones that shot little plastic "bullets").  Very few of us went on to shoot real people with real guns (except for those who were drafted into the Viet Nam war).

Tragedy can lead to fewer freedoms for the law abiding citizens.  Like no guns for law abiding citizens but you can't stop crooks from having them.

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  1. Wow. I wonder how the authorities would react if they saw the arsenal of nerf guns we have at our house. Quite often, it is the 42-year-old boy here who would have to get suspended.