Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TV Shows

I was thinking about the TV that we watch after the disappointing ending of CHUCK.

Some shows that use to be fun are not anymore.

We watch GREY'S ANATOMY every since it started.  In the beginning it was a fun show with characters that one could care about, but now it is almost unwatchable; everyone is unlikeable at best.  The amount of humor is minimal, I like shows that are fun to watch not dreary.

HOUSE started out as an interesting show about a genius doctor that usually cured the illnesses.  But now it is a dreary launch into the sick mind of House.

Both shows are in approximately the seventh or eighth season.  I wonder if that is when the writers run out of good ideas!

I no longer watch HOUSE and am getting ready to stop watching GREY'S ANATOMY.

There are still a few shows that are fun to watch, but it would probably be better for me if I stopped watching TV altogether.  We had some friends who raised their kids without any TV; but I was not like that I watched MICKEY MOUSE CLUB and HOWDY DOWDY when I was young.  Back in the days with very small screens and black and white.

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