Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Every once in a while we go to a store called Woodmans at 7145 120th Avenue  Kenosha, WI 53142.  It is an employee owned supermarket.  Today was one of the days that we went.

It is a very big store that has rows and rows of goods.  Since I tire quickly of shopping, we tend to spend more time in the first few aisles then the back 40.

Our normal grocery bill is $15 - 30 when we go to other stores, but at Woodmans we tend to spend over $100 (today $100.94).  It is a good place to stock up on items like Whole Wheat flour ($2,49 per 5# vs. $3.54 for Walmart) and frozen blueberries ($1.99 per 12 oz. vs. $2.49 at Aldis).  So we stock up on them (20# of WW Flour and 5 packages of blueberries).

The first time we went, I was shocked to learn that they don't take credit cards only debit cards.  This led to a little embarrassment in the check out line.  Today, I noticed that right on the door into the store it says : No Credit cards only Debit cards.  I guess one of these days I should learn to read!

But since it is a ways away, we don't go very often.

I decided to go via non-freeway roads there and I-94 on the way back.  I wanted to see which way we get better gas mileage in our New Car.  It turns out that going the freeway gives better gas mileage (this might be useful info for the few of you who might consider a Hybrid car to others not so much!).

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