Friday, February 24, 2012

Jury Duty continued

As the judge told us that the trial would be over today and since we know judges never lie!

It is interesting that I have to go in on Monday for the trial that seems to never end!

Since I can't tell anything about the trial until the end, I have a few "interesting" things I can talk (blog) about.

The drinking fountain in the juror assembly area has some sort of sensor to make it go on, but there are no instructions on how to operate it.  If you put your hands in exactly the right prayerful manner it gives you some water, of course, this manner appears to change each time you use it  and when you are using it (must be artificial intelligence).

For some reason in the other posts I have used jurist  (n.  One who has thorough knowledge and experience of law, especially an eminent judge, lawyer, or legal scholar) instead of juror (n.  1. Law a. One who serves as a member of a jury. b. One who awaits or is called for service on a jury. 2. One who serves on a deliberative body analogous to a jury).  Sorry for that error.

Today we were suppose to be in at 1000 for the trial to start at 1000-1015, we were called at 1045 and taken to the juror deliberation room and got to wait for another 30 minutes until we entered the courtroom.  Then we took lunch from 1230-1345 and were called at 1400.  Plus another 5-10 minute break lasted 45 minutes.  The judge explained that the the reason for the delays was not our trial's fault, but other matters he had to take care of.

While we were waiting in the assembly room this morning someone turned on the TODAY show.  How can anyone listen to such drivel (at least the drivel that was there today)?

The first day of jury duty, I had a Calzone, the second a piece of pizza; today the person in front  of me stole (took, only from my point of view is it stealing) the last piece of pizza (and it was Hawaiian, Ham & Pineapple), so I was forced to get a Turkey sandwich on wheat bread (I asked if it was real whole wheat bread but the maker either didn't understand or refused to answer (I'm pretty sure it was not whole wheat but the commercial wheat bread)) with provolone cheese & 2 quarter dill pickles.  I was looking forward to the Calzone on Thursday & hoping for it today.

In the assembly room, there are computers for our use.  The password is written on the computer as JPXXX (not the actual letters) so I typed in JPXXX and it said a bad password.  It seems that JPXXX is really jpxxx since all caps does not work!  Why would someone type JPXXX for jpxxx?

Next blog entry on Jury Duty will be on Monday, if we actually end this 1 day trial!

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