Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucky Number 134

I called in on Tuesday night and I was not needed.   I was to call in again at 1115 for possible 1330 service, once again I was not selected.

I called in this morning and I WON! One of the 27 numbers was #134, of course, I started the call just after it said any other numbers should call later so I got to listen to extraneous junk until the numbers (including #134) were repeated.

So this morning after my morning workout at the Y, I went to the courthouse.  When I got there at 0854, there was a long line waiting to get into the courthouse (of course there are 2 lines 1 for attorneys, judges, and employees which went quickly and irritatingly the people in that line went around as hordes to quickly enter the CH and the other for Public, Jurists, & other Peasants ; Tuesday I went in before 0800 and just breezed in, but today was a 0930 start time).  Eventually, I got in and went to the Jury Assembly area, when I got there the lady said I bet you are #35 and I told close #134; I guess the 35 was a actual jurist for a case.

There were 27 of us call-ees, and around 1100 the announcement was made for all jury types to go to the front of the area (they did that every time they wanted to make an announcement to get us out of the restrooms or vending are or computer area) and they proceeded to call off individually the 27 numbers (vice saying everybody was called).

We were escorted to a trial room and then put in the 14 jury box seats and 6 seats in front of it (the others stayed in the spectator seats).  The judge asked some generic questions and the 2 (not 6 or 3) lawyers asked some questions.

So guess what, I was selected to be on the jury.  After the trial I will give more details, the judge said it should last only 1 day and let us go home for the day to come back tomorrow (I misspelled tomorrow and 2 of the choices from my brilliant spell checker were "tom morrow" and "tom-morrow") to start promptly at 1000 or 1015.

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