Monday, February 27, 2012

Jury Final

We completed the trial today.  We heard the closing arguments and the judge's instructions.

The case was a domestic abuse case involving a husband and wife.

When we were selected for the jury, the defense lawyer asked each of us 1) Did we know personally of any domestic abuse [which seemed reasonable to me], 2) What was our favorite TV show [I said CHUCK, seemed a little strange to me], and 3) How did we get our news [I told her from the internet and radio, 890 & 620AM].

They selected 14 jurors, 12 on the jury & 2 alternates.  The first witness was the wife and she was very upset and was crying the whole time.  Next came 2 police officers, then for the defense a friend of the defendant and the defendant.

When we went into the jury room to decide the case, the 2 alternates were excused.  They ordered out for a lunch for us (I had a beef & turkey sub, pretzels, and a Sprite).

I was elected the foreman and we had a very lively discussion; finally finding the defendant guilty on Domestic Abuse insulting or provoking and not guilty on the second count Domestic Abuse bodily harm.

It was an interesting time.  I recommend everyone go for jury duty when given the opportunity.  I have been called twice and been selected to be on juries twice.  And I thought I never win anything!

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