Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beer and Women

“Honey, get me a beer,” might be said more by women than previously thought.
A study presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association on Saturday found that married women drink more than previously married women, but married men drink less than previously married men.
Additionally, several women in the study said they did not drink alcohol at all until they met or married their husbands.

Assuming people are honest about their drinking, America’s imbibing is holding steady, with the 66% who say they indulge averaging 4.2 drinks a week, according to the latest Gallup survey. A year ago, the same poll found 64% of Americans imbibed at an average of 4.1 drinks a week.
The Princeton, N.J.-based Gallup organization said beer was America’s favorite alcoholic beverage, with 39% of drinkers saying that was what they drank most often. Wine was next at 35% and liquor third at 22%.  ....
The polling organization said 12% reported having eight or more drinks in the past week and 22% of those who drink said they sometimes drink too much — up from 17% last year.
Gallup said the number of people admitting they sometimes drink too much peaked at 35% in the late 1980s.  ....
•Men drink more than women; male drinkers report downing an average 6.2 alcoholic beverages per week, compared to 2.2 for women. And nearly three in 10 males admit to sometimes drinking more than they should, compared to just 14% of women drinkers.
•Men aged 18-49 are the heaviest drinkers and any age or gender group. 70% of whites acknowledging drinking alcohol, compared to 57% of non-whites.
•55% of men prefer beer as their drink; 52% of women say they most often drink wine. Geographically, Midwest drinkers prefer beer, while wine is most popular on the East Coast.

Since my son is into beer brewing and I heard a podcast from the Wall Street Journal that beer manufacturers are looking to get more women to drink beer so that the sales would increase, I googled women and beer and got the above articles.

It is intersting (to me) that women drink more when they get married or go out with men.  I guess we are difficult to live with without something to dull their senses.

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