Monday, August 27, 2012

Self than Others

At the beginning of our worship service we have a confession which reads in part:
"We have thought better of ourselves than others".

I'm not sure what it means.  If it said "treat" better, I would understand it better and I would definitely be guilty except for my LW and certain other family.

Does it mean that I think I am smarter than others?  If so I guess I am guilty except for my LW and kids and grandkids and certain other people.

Does it mean that I took care of myself better than I did others? Guilty except maybe my LW.

Does it mean that I respect my opinion better than others?  In general, I am guilty especially politically (with some exceptions).

In my opinion, it is difficult to act as a Christian as Jesus wants us to.  This is why at the beginning of the service we confess and ask for forgiveness.

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