Friday, August 24, 2012


On Monday, we bicycled to Kohls in Kenosha (about 28 miles total).  This time, we actually went the way Google Maps told us to go (unlike the first time when I had 2 routes to different places and inadvertently combined them) .  I like bicycling in WI, Kenosha has bike lanes on many roads that we used plus the bike trail is blacktopped in WI (unlike IL where it is a fine dust).

But the next to last road was under construction and we used the sidewalk for a few blocks.  Another road crossing a busy highway does not recognize bikes so it doesn't change without a car at the light.

Kohls often sends me $10 off cards and often gives 15 or 20% off codes or a form that can be printed to use at the store.  We bought about $100 worth of stuff (a sport coat, a shirt, a tie, and some leggings & top for my LW).  I used the printed form and a $10 off card.  The total that we "saved" was $208.  The coat, tie & shirt were all on clearance , e.g.,so the coat was $180 originally but only about $50 on clearence.  They also gave us 3 instant game tickets and $10 Kohls cash.

This reminds me of the ads that say "spend more save more.".  Plus the cashier said if I spent another $3 I would one more instant game and another $10 Kohls cash.  Saving more is OK,but the best way is to not buy anything not MORE!

Another thing I was thinking about was that now a days it is cheaper to buy another item instead of repairing it.  That was not the way it was when I was younger!

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