Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

Taken about 0530 31Aug2012
Once in a Blue Moon is now!

A blue moon can refer to either the third full moon in a season with four full moons, or the second full moon in a month.[
Two full moons in one month:[
  • 2009: December 2, December 31 (partial lunar eclipse visible in some parts of the world), only in time zones west of UTC+05.
  • 2010: January 1 (partial lunar eclipse), January 30, only in time zones east of UTC+04:30.
  • 2010: March 1, March 30, only in time zones east of UTC+07.
  • 2012: August 2, August 31, only in time zones west of UTC+08.
  • 2015: July 2, July 31 

I'm not sure I ever knew what a Blue Moon was until I watched a "Pretender" TV episode a few years ago.  They used the 2 full moons in a month definition.

So this is the day to do all those things that you only do once in a Blue Moon!  Plus either now or wait funtil 2015.

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