Saturday, September 1, 2012

Biking Error

On Thursday, we went for a longish bike ride (for us, 21 or so miles).  Last year, I bicycled home from Swedish Glee Club practice. The trip if done correctly is around 15 miles.

Unfortunately I missed a turnoff in the bike path and ended up on a semi-major road in the middle of the night (2230 or so).  So Thursday, I wanted to ride the bike path from the other direction and see if I could find my error.  Since my LW is a wonderful person, she fortunately went with me.

At the start of the bike path, they had put down a fresh layer of the fine ground rock (or whatever it is).  So since it was not very well packed, this increased our effort biking immensely.

We got to a point ( after 8 or 9 miles) where the path switched sides of the street.  Unfortunately, to me, the sign did not make any sense ( it was one of those signs which could point in any direction).  So we crossed the road and my LW corrected me and we found the right path.

Shortly thereafter, we got to the place where I screwed up on my other ride.  Turns out that you have to cross the street ( I just keep going before) and go up a bank and under a overpass.  Hopefully I will be able to go the right way the next time I bike from practice!

But since I needed my LW to get me in the right direction this time, what hope is there for me?

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