Sunday, September 30, 2012

She Fixed It

We bought a new stove many years ago.  About a little after a year of owning it (there was a 1 year warranty),  the front right burner stopped working.  I opened up the top and looked at the burner and it looked OK (an electric stove) and decided to eventually replace the burner element.

Well it has been many years since that occurred.  And I still haven't replaced the element, I have looked online for replacement elements and found one for about $80 plus shipping, but that was as far as I got.

Yesterday my LW, inadvertently turned the switch on for that burner and a plastic oatmeal box top started to burn, filling the kitchen and living room with lots of smoke.  Miraculously she had fixed it.  Later that night I tried making some popcorn on the "broke" burner and it worked.

I always knew my LW was brilliant, but never knew she was so mechanically gifted.

Either she fixed it or the burner was tired of just sitting there!

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