Friday, September 21, 2012

Driver's License

I have just come back from renewing my driver's license.  In general, the state of IL is incompetent, but the Secretary of State's office was a wonderful experience.  The last time  I was there it was a madhouse, with long lines and snarly people.

This time I went in and immediately I was waited on by a man at a computer.  He gave me a number and said to go to aisle 5 and there was my number at the top in lights and the nice lady was waiting for me.  She asked me if I lived at the same address which I answered yes and then had me look in the little box.  In the box, she asked which side the flashing lights were, which fortuneately I answered correctly (right, left. Both). Then she told me to read line 5, the last time the guy just told me to read a line.  Once again, with just a little squinting I did.  She then asked me seven questions like did I have a license from any other states (no) and was my license on hold due to a criminal case (no).  Then sent me to the cashier.

There was 1 person in front of me, but she had only Visa which they did not take, so he sent her to a ATM machine.  I used a check (since being cheap I didn't want to pay the surcharge) and of course, my pen was not working, so the guy gave me apen to use that did work.  I wrote the check and he sent me the camera guy.

I had to wait a minute or two and then he took my picture (after having me sign an electronic form).  Fortuneately I did not break the camera.

All told it was about 10-15 minutes and very pleasant, if only the IL IRS people were like these people.

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