Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amazon Prime v. Netflix

We have been a Amazon Prime member for about a year.  With it you get free 2nd day shipping (though it is only 2 day if you order on Monday thru Wednesday and we seem to order a lot of stuff on Friday or Saturday).  Also they have their Prime Videos which include movies and TV show series.  Right now it is $78 a year (or $6.50 per month).  The main problem with their videos is that the videos do not have Closed Captioning.  I find that that is a great item to have especially when the actors talk quietly or during loud times.  Also we have had their video dropping out of some shows.

We have started a 30 day free trial with Netflix.  They have most of the movies that Prime has and most of the TV shows.  They have some TV shows that Prime doesn't and some movies.  But their main advantage is that they have closed captioning on most movies and new TV shows.  They charge $7.99 a month for their service.  We have had a little flickering with some of the shows,

Now we have to decide which service we want to keep.  It is theoretically possible to keep both, but I am CHEAP!

With the prime membership, we tend to buy more at Amazon since we can get free shipping even with a small order vice the $25 minimum for free shipping.

Our prime membership renewal date is 9/28, so we need to decide by then.

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