Monday, September 3, 2012

Reflections during Dogwalk

We live about half a mile from a semi-major highway.  This morning at 0430 on labor day, I could  still hear the traffic.  Not as many cars as normal perhaps but still traffic.  I wondered if there is ever a time when there is no traffic, I guess not in this motor-centric society.

I like walking the dog early in the morning since there are not a lot of people about ( basically none!) or cars on the roads that we walk. I was surprised that there still was some cars.  Usually, on Sundays there are not many at all, due to not many workers going to work.  Also, usually on holidays there are few cars.

I find it interesting that on Labor Day, most people take off.  Here is a day that celebrates the American spirit of work and to celebrate it we take the day off.

I hope everyone has a safe Labor Day!

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  1. Do you carry a flashlight? Wear reflective clothing? I leave the house for my walk around 6 a.m., and pretty soon it's going to be dark then...