Thursday, September 6, 2012

School Days

On September 4, the Chicago schools started back to school.  So as far as I know everyone is back in school now.  (Of course, chicago schools are probably going on strike next week, but at least there is school there now).

Since our kids have graduated college and our grandkids are so far away, we did not have the start of school panic that occurred when we had school age kids around.  No shopping for school supplies with the list in Walmart, Kmart, etc for each school or grade.

When we were younger, school started right after Labor Day, but at least 2 of our grandkids started in mid-August.  Of course, with the 20 mile walk uphill both ways carrying 50# of books in the ice and snow or rain, we had it a lot harder than kids today.

Teachers are such important people, they can start kids off with a love for learning or turn them off.  At times I thought of teaching, not sure I could have handled some of the problems teachers (especially in the big cities) have to handle when trying to teach.  Good teachers are worth their weight in gold.  I hope my grandkids have good teachers.

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