Monday, September 24, 2012

Eat Out

On Friday, we ate at a Japanese restaurant.  It was the Swedish Glee Club annual dinner.  It was at Ron of Japan (I didn't know that Ron was Japanese).  When we got there there was a table with fruit, cheese, and what I assume was sushi.

After a while we went into a dining room.  There were 8 of us to a table with a grill in the middle.  Our chef came and started putting veggies on the grill and then divided them up for us, then added some sprouts and divided them up.

He then caused a large flame, which was intersting.  Next he added the main meat/ chicken/ or fish onto the grill cutting them up and served them.

It was intersting how he cooked the steak (we had chicken),  He cooked it for a while and then gave the  medium rare people a taste and if it was OK gave them their portion and then continued to medium and medium well people.

We had a choice of white rice or fried (white) rice,  I had fried and my LW had white rice.

The dessert was ice cream or sherbet or fruit (I didn't have any I was full after eating my portion and a part of my LW's).

All in all, a great meal.  It was a first for me eating with the grill right there even though I had visited Japan once.  I highly recommend the experience and the food!

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