Sunday, September 9, 2012

Falling Down

Yesterday reminded me of the commercial which said, "I've fallen down and can't get up."  My LW had a meeting of Church Women United and she decided to bicycle there.  So I decided to bike to the YMCA,  so we could bike together for first 5 or so miles.  When we biked there, we noticed that there was a spot on the bike path that had glass.

Since we had biked much of the way earlier in the week, we "knew" that after that spot there was little if any glass on the path.

Unfortunately as my LW discovered, that was not the case yesterday.  So she decided to skip the worst parts of the path on the way home.  This caused her to be on a sidewalk on a street that was dead ending.  So she decided to stop and walk her bike for a while, unfortunately her foot got stuck in the.pedal clip and since she was in the process of getting off the bike, she fell and slightly hurt her hands.

On my way home, I got to the spot where the glass was (actually I was on the other side of the street from it) and I crossed the street worrying more about the cars then the glass on the other side of the road.  So I found that I was on the wrong side of the path (the glass side), so I went off the path (at that point it was recently black topped, for some reason the bike path had had blacktop put at all the intersections with roads) to the right of the path.  After I was pass the glass, I decided to get back on the blacktop.  So I turned the wheel to  the left (of course, the blacktop was basically 3-4 inches straight  drop to the ground where I was), with the result that I fell onto the blacktop.  I had a scrape on my left leg and my left elbow took the brunt of the fall.  At the moment, it (the elbow) is merely swollen and I have a little pain when I try to straighten it or bend it past a certain point.  It is much better than yesterday and should be OK in a day or two.

To add insult to injury, my LW was walking the dog at a fair distance from our house and it decided to start raining (we need the rain, but couldn't it wait till she was home?).  As a result, she and the dog got soaked.  Some days are better than others!

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  1. I fell last weekend when Bubby stopped right in front of me. Going uphill. On a narrow bridge. Couldn't swerve; couldn't get my foot out of the toe clip, so down I went, my bike on top of me. My knee still hurts, but the ribs feel better!