Sunday, September 2, 2012


Today is our oldest child's anniversary.  Both of our kids have been married for 17 years.  It got me thinking again about how blessed I have been.  We have been lucky that our kids were always great kids.  Of course, they haven't been perfect but pretty close!

We have been married for 2/3 of our lives.  I haven't always been the greatest husband ( I would like to think that I haven't been bad all the time), but my LW has always been the greatest wife in the world for me.  We got married fairly young and I was not as mature as I am now ( assuming I am a little mature  now).  My LW was ( and is) more mature than me.

So I have been lucky to have great kids and a LW.

Our health ( so far) has been good.  We were able to live OK on our income and in general did not spend more then we could afford.  We  have been lucky to join Churches that met our spiritual needs and where we have met great people.  We went to good schools, including where I met my LW.  We now have fun singing together in a fun choir and the Swedish Glee Club. We have had tragedy in our lives, but we have survived it.

Our kids have picked great spouses and have given us grandchildren.

I am grateful to have had all of the people that are and were in my life!  Especially my LW.  In many ways, I have been living thevAmerican dream.

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