Friday, September 14, 2012

Bears Lose, Bears Lose

Since I live between Chicago and Milwaukee, the local sports radio stations are either Pro-Bears & Anti-Packers OR Anti-Bears & Pro-Packers.  I fall on the Pro-GB side.  But after the Bears play, the Pro-Bear station has Doug Buffone and OB both former Bears commenting on the game.  When the Bears lose, they are really great.  They rip into the Bears in a very (to me) entertaining manner.

Actually, I am a Detroit fan which has been sort of frustrating until recently.  So at the moment the Lions are in first (at least till they play SF who crushed GB last week) place.

The Bears fans (as I guess all of us fans are) seem rather arrogant and yet when they lose, they say the Bears will never win again and all the coaches should be fired and the QB traded.  Of course when the next game is a win, they will win the SuperBowl and never lose again!

Even I will have to admit that the Bears' defense played very well, especially with the Bears' QB giving the ball back to GB every chance he could.  But think how bad it would have been if the refs had called all of the Bears' LT's holds (tackles).

Fortunately for the Bears, they play another rebuilding team next (St.Louis).


New York City's Board of Health opened up a new, experimental front in the war on obesity Thursday, passing a rule banning sales of big sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, concession stands and other eateries.
The regulation, which was proposed in the spring by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and approved by panel of health experts after several months of review, puts a 16-ounce size limit on cups and bottles of non-diet soda, sweetened teas, and other calorie-packed beverages.
The ban will apply in fast-food joints, movie houses and Broadway theaters, workplace cafeterias, and most other places selling prepared food.
It doesn't cover beverages sold in supermarkets or most convenience stores.

Once again, government "must" take over for parents.  Much of fat comes from a lack of parental supervision (too much video games or not enough exercice)  not because of soft drinks' sizes.  Can you only buy one?

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