Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tactical Error

This morning I made a tactical error.  Our dog was up and roaming around ( at 0400), so I got up and did morning stuff (went to the bathroom and since it was Thursday I gathered the garbage )  and got ready to take the dog out.  Since if he is up and about it is a good idea to get him outside before tragedy strikes.

But he tricked me!  He went back to sleep and was not about to get up for a walk.  So I fooled around for a while and tried again, failure yet again.

Eventually after being up for over a hour, he got up and we went on the walk .


I am ready to give up on the Tigers.  How can they lose to KC twice, with Verlander giving them 7 or so runs and then not scoring in the next game.  The White Sox were even losing 2 in a row, but won yesterday.

I had high hopes for them at the beginning of the season, but now I am looking forward to football, Go Lions ( I have trouble spelling "ion" words like Lions)!

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