Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am directionally challenged.  In general, whichever direction I am actually facing I think I am facing north.  This is not all that helpful when going places.

On the trip to CO, twice (even with the GPS on) I made wrongs turns. The first time, I was trying to get to an interstate.  My GPS was upset,but sent me thru Rockford and routed us past the Clock Tower and down a couple other streets and eventually got us to the appropriate interstate.

The second time was my not believing my GPS, when it told me to exit onto I~55 I for some reason didn't believe it, for some reason I thought I was supposed to stay on I-80.  Of course, this allowed me go on some streets that timed their lights to allow us to stop at everyone just as we got to it.  Eventually we got to I-55 and exited where we wanted.

Next we wanted to get on I-290 so we could pickup our dog.  The GPS told us to enter on Lake Street, even though I usually got on from another road.  I decided to believe the GPS.  Of course, this was a mistake.  The road between my route and LS was down to one lane and we got to wait and  the rest of the road was that grooved road prior to paving ( I was lucky they hadn't put down the oil).

The rest of the trip went well and we got home.

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