Sunday, January 4, 2009


My life is pretty good.  When people ask me how I'm doing I say, "Average."

This seems to really freak out some people; they expect the normal "Great", "Fine", or "Good."  There are numerous questions that are asked that people really don't want to think about the answer.

My life does not have a lot of very highs or lows; my average means that I am happy, healthy, & content.  It might be boring to others but in my life I have a lovely wife, good kids & grandkids; we have enough to live on & a house that is paid for.  As long as our taxes don't go out of sight, we will do fine!

av·er·age (n)  numerical result obtained by dividing the sum of two or more quantities by the number of quantities;  usual or normal kind, amount, quality, rate, etc. an intelligence above the average; a number or value of a set of values carefully defined to typify the set, as a median or mode

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