Thursday, January 8, 2009


What is the balance between being safe as a country & preserving our liberties?  How do we feel about an obviously guilty crook getting off so others can not be railroaded into jail?

Obama has appointed security people that are against many of the techniques that keep us safe for the past 7 years.  Will this lead to as much safety or less?

Most people will not even notice his appointments; is it only Grandparents, who have the time to notice, that care?

Obama appointed numerous good appointments for jobs like state, etc. but in my opinion has made a bad mistake in his CIA, Justice, & Security Advisors choices.  Many errors are self correcting but this error could bring about a huge cost, I hope I'm wrong & they will put country first over their political opinions ("Bush was always wrong" crowd).

Different subject: $1,000,000,000,000 is a lot of money!  This means that the national debt will increase by 10% a year!

security (n)  1 the security of the nation's citizens safety, freedom from danger, protection, invulnerability. antonym vulnerability, danger. 2 he could give her the security she needed peace of mind, feeling of safety, stability, certainty, happiness, confidence. antonym disquiet. 3 security at the court was tight safety measures, safeguards, surveillance, , protection

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