Friday, January 16, 2009


I read a science fiction short story that talks about a man who decided to not buy a refrigerator & that caused a recession.  It worked like this (approx.) the store manager had to lay off a person due to lack of sales who did not buy a new house so a builder did not buy something else, etc.

The government (like that would happen now!) figured out that this incident caused the recession & had the man buy the refrig & everything returned to normal!

I wonder if my not buying the HDTV has caused this recession!

recession (n) The act of withdrawing or going back. An extended decline in general business activity, typically two consecutive quarters of falling real gross national product. The withdrawal in a line or file of participants in a ceremony, especially clerics and choir members after a church service.

"A recession is when your neighbor loses his job; a depression is when you lose yours." (Ronald Reagan) He added:  “And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.”

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